Toddler Interview – FREE Printable

Do you ever stop to listen to what silly things your toddler says sometimes? What a fun way to record your toddler’s personality by doing a toddler interview!

Our daughter, Melina, is almost three and let me tell you, she has a lot to say!

Toddler Interview

My husband and I thought it would be fun to sit Melina down for a toddler interview and ask her some questions. We knew some questions she would understand and others we were going to get some pretty funny answers. Toddlers certainly have a mind of their own. You can ask them the same question five times and get a different answer.

I have made a FREE Printable with the questions that we used along with some space for the unique questions that you would like to add specifically for your child. Those questions are my favorite!

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We weren’t sure how this was going to go because well she’s a toddler and let’s just say she doesn’t have the largest attention span. But we figured if we gave her a snack to munch on she would be much more willing to cooperate. And we were right!

For our toddler interview, we decided we wanted to record it as well for our family vlog that we have on Youtube known as Raising Us Vlogs.

If you are in the mood for some cute toddler talk and some funny answers watch Melina’s interview below!

By the way, I do not make her stay in bed until 10am! My rule is that we can’t get up until the sun is up. 


I can’t wait to do this for years to come to see how much she transforms throughout the years. It will be a fun memory to look back on with her once she is older.

I want to cherish the sweet personality that she has right now! She will be grown before I know it.

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