Noncandy Easter Ideas for kids

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Yay Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner!

The sun is out, the weather is changing, and the Easter Bunny is on his way!

There are so many options for toddler Easter basket ideas that do not involve a ton of candy or really toys for that matter. I try to find items that we can actually use and that we need, not little junk toys that we will be throwing away or donating in a month.

We are really intentional about the amount of stuff we have in our home and make sure it is getting used. If it is something that we are not loving, we do not keep it around, that goes for our daughter’s toys too.

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We try to fill her Easter baskets with items preparing her for the springtime fun that is ahead! I like doing this because I am going to be purchasing most of this stuff anyway, so I might as well put it in her Easter basket so she can get the excitement of opening and finding her new items. Plus that saves me money in the long run, instead of buying more toys.

I love to watch the excitement in kids around the holidays as their imagination is so innocent and fast at work. Dreaming about what the Bunny will bring them this year.

Our daughter is just starting to understand the holidays so it is so special to see her anticipating Easter. 

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This year we are trying to limit how much candy we put in her eggs and basket since we receive so much of it from family and friends and she is only two. It never all gets eaten and mostly thrown out.

We are getting creative and thinking of other food and small items we could put in her eggs for her to find around the house. I do not have anything against parents that chose all candy, however, that just does not work for us right now.

Here’s what we are going to fill her Easter eggs with:

  1. Kettle Corn (She LOVES popcorn!)
  2. Goldfish
  3. Graham Crackers
  4. M&Ms (Her FAVORITE candy)
  5. Stickers
  6. Tattoos
  7. Stamps

We plan on just letting her find and open her eggs then replacing the food back into storage bags so it does not get dried out.

Money Saving Tip:

Holiday’s with little ones can add up fast if you are not careful. My best advice for saving money on holiday items is to shop for the year ahead after the holiday is over. Last year I bought several Easter baskets and fillers for the cousins and my daughter for about 70% off.

Got to love Target clearance!

The year before that I scored about ten board books for Easter at Walmart just a few days after. I believe they were marked down around $2-3 a piece compared to $8-9.

Obviously, you will not be able to save like that for this Easter. However, when the holiday is over, head out to your local store and try to find items that will work for next year.


Here are some fun ideas for your toddler’s Easter basket:

    • Bubbles (Is it an Easter Basket without bubbles?!)

These bubbles are seriously the best out there! My Aunt & Uncle had these for their kids and we fell in love. The solution makes big lasting bubbles every single time. I get so annoyed when it takes 8 times to get the bubbles to actually go off the wand.

You can blow the bubbles or just move your hand with it and let the air do the work. We love doing this outside and letting the kids chase down the bubbles.

  • Chalk

This Melissa & Doug chalk set is perfect for little hands. It helps keep the mess under control while using the sidewalk chalk. Playing with chalk is a nice activity for any sunny day!

  • Piggy Paint Nail Polish for girls

Piggy Paint is perfect painting tiny nails as it is a non-toxic product meant for young children. I just started doing my daughter’s nails (she’s a little over two.) We do not do it often but she enjoys the one on one time with me, feeling like a big girl.

Piggy Paint also makes adult nail polish under the line SOPHI which is non-toxic as well that I just ordered for myself.

  • Bath Bombs

Bath bombs seem to be the latest obsession for kids for their baths. My daughter is still a little unsure of them. She likes to watch them fizz out but then wants her water changed after the bomb changes the color of it. However, my cousins who are around the same age refuse to take a bath without one! These Easter egg bath bombs are so cute plus come with a small wooden toy inside of them to add to the excitement!

  • Sunglasses

My daughter has just become a little sensitive to sunlight where she gets upset if it is in her face. We recently ordered these polarized glasses and wish we would have found them sooner. They come with a strap that is optional for younger children so they are not constantly falling off. Also comes in a variety of colors.

  • Water Bottles

These Contigo Tumblers are my absolute favorite cup find so far. They are great quality, cute, and easy for the kids to drink out of. All of the straw pieces come apart making it very easy to clean the cups thoroughly. Boy colors are available as well.

It is important to always be hydrating the kids when outside in the summer so good water bottles are a must.

  • Water Shoes

I purchased these water shoes last year for our Florida trip in May and they lasted us all summer long! I plan on reordering her shoes for this summer since our apartment pool has a cement bottom. Plus we go to the beach often and you just never know what is in the sand. Multiple color options are available.

  • Pool Floaties


  • Play-Doh

These Play-Doh eggs are such a cute Easter basket stuffer. I love Play-Doh because it is good for sensory play plus encourages imaginative play. We get a big plastic tablecloth out and place it on our floor to help contain the mess.

  • Chapstick

  • Baseball Hat/Sunhat

  • Kids Gardening Tools

  • Seeds to plant

  • Bathing Suit with Favorite Character

  • Kite

  • Beach Toys

  • Beach Towel with Favorite Characters

  • Sundresses

  • Bows

  • Duplo Legos

  • Coloring Books

  • Crayons/Markers

  • Books

  • Stickers

  • Mini Pool

  • Character Band-Aids

I have seen a lot of cute gardening kits at Target in their front section that would be perfect for Easter baskets. They have little dino planters that are super cute for $5.

Sometimes I go to Target just to check out this section. I have found so many items in this Target section that are reasonably priced for Melina’s gifts. They are really good about making sure this section has a lot of educational toys that are travel size.

Get Creative Mama’s

I love getting creative with how we display Melina’s Easter Items. Her first Easter Basket we decided to fill her baby pool floaty with her items. She was only five months old so she really did not get excited, it was more for me to be excited for her first Easter.

And yes I know we went overboard big time with her first Easter. We definitely won’t be that extravagant this year.

Last year, we got a push along car for Melina to ride in for outside and filled that with her Easter presents. She was very excited to find that and enjoyed using it all summer long on our walks.

You could do this same idea if you were thinking about doing a mini pool. Just fill the pool with your items that you will be giving. I know it sounds like you would have to fill the pool with a lot of items for it to look good. I think you could easily position the few items you are gifting along with filling it with eggs and the little ones would love it!



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