Pumpkin Decorating For Toddlers

Decorating pumpkins is so much fun, especially for kids! We decorated 4 pumpkins with easy ideas that our toddler, Melina was able to participate in. These ideas are free from carving with easy ways for the child to participate in.

Our daughter Melina is almost three and had a blast decorating the pumpkins with these ideas.

Watch our vlog about it here or continue reading below.


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Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Supplies You’ll Need

Pumpkin of any size and color – we selected a small white one

1 Box of Crayons

Hot Glue Gun

Hair Dryer

Cardboard Box


After you and your little one picked out your pumpkin, you will need to peel your selected crayons. We placed a piece of crayon in each divet around the pumpkin. Count your divets and that is how many crayons you will need.

Next, you break your crayons into smaller pieces. I suggest letting the kiddos do this as it is a simple way for them to be involved. Melina loved doing it!

Glue your crayons into the divets all around your pumpkin. We chose to glue the crayons on the top and the side of the pumpkin for maximum color.

If you do not want to do that, leave your crayons whole and just glue them on the top.

Place your pumpkin in the box and start to melt the crayons with the hairdryer. This takes some time so try to be patient.

You will start to see the crayons run down the pumpkin once the wax starts to melt. This is a cool way to teach your children the effects of heat on certain materials like wax.

After the wax is melted, let the pumpkin cool before placing it on another surface so you do not get wax on anything else.

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Potato Head Pumpkin

Supplies You’ll Need

1 Pumpkin

Potato Head Pieces Or Pumpkin Insert Decorations



Does your child like potato heads? If so this pumpkin idea is perfect for them!

We purchased these pumpkin insert decorations at the Dollar Tree that are to insert into a foam pumpkin like a potato head.

However, we decided to poke wholes into a tiny pumpkin and place these faces into them to create our pumpkin head. The Dollar Tree had a Frankenstein themed insert or an angry face. We purchased both so Meina could mix and match them.

You could also you Mr. Potato Head pieces that you already have at home.

Then all you have to do is poke the holes into the pumpkin for your child.

After that, let your child create the silliest or scariest pumpkin that comes to mind!

Remember the key is to involve them as much as possible with these designs.

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Mummy Pumpkin

Supplies You’ll Need


White Duct Tape

Google Eyes or Permanent Marker


After selecting the pumpkin, cut your duct tape into different length sizes. There is no right or wrong here on the size.

Tip: Tom thought that he was able to wrap the pumpkin with the duct tape instead of cutting. But he quickly found out that it was not working and creating too many big lumps on the pumpkin.

When the pieces are cut, you can let your toddler start placing the tape around the pumpkin.

You will want to help them make an opening for the eyes and the mouth. Other than that, they have freedom of where to place the tape.

I have found that the fewer limitations a project has, the more my daughter enjoys it.

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Customizable Pumpkin

Supplies You’ll Need


Any or all of the following:




Tempora Paint

Permanent Markers


The last pumpkin that we had Melina decorate was completely up to her and her art supplies. So there are not really and real instructions on how to do this one.

You know what your child enjoys doing best so I would base your decorating off their preferences.

We purchased some Halloween stickers from the Dollar Tree for her to place on her pumpkin. She enjoys using stickers.

We originally thought she could color on the pumpkin but did not realize that the washable markers would rub right off. Permanent markers are an option if your children are older or you are comfortable with them handling them.

Melina recently found my stash of glitter for our crafts and has been itching to use it. We figured why not make a glittery pumpkin!

It was a bit messy but she really enjoyed being able to have the freedom to use it and get her hands messy. After all, that ‘s what this was all about!

Tip: Use a larger sized glitter or sequins. The glitter that we had on hand was very fine which made it harder to see on the pumpkin and use overall.


We hope this gave you some inspiration to decorate pumpkins with your toddlers! Carving a pumpkin can be a lot of fun but also frustrating for the little ones that want to be more involved.

Comment below with your favorite Halloween activities to do with your toddlers!


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