Surviving Pregnancy With Toddlers At Home

Are you looking on advice for how to survive during your pregnancy while having toddlers at home to take care of?

Being pregnant while already having children is no joke! You can no longer take naps when you need to or just focus on soothing your own discomfort…there are so many other things that have to get done instead. Like getting them a hundred snacks, wiping there butts, oh and of course still trying to be a fun mom and play with them!

We knew we always wanted our children close in age, but I never really took into account how difficult pregnancy may be with each additional child.

Currently we have a 4 year old, Melina and an 18 month old, Delilah. Delilah is just getting to the age where she is starting to understand and be able to play with Melina which has been helpful during this time. However they are both at very active stages and very curious girls.

Bump Picture At 19 Weeks

So how was my third pregnancy, first trimester as a mom of 2 already?

I am not going to sugar coat it, it was really rough and exhausting. I had really bad food aversions and nausea for about 3-4 weeks and just lost all my energy and motivation. I think the exhaustion might have been worse than the nausea!

I was still breastfeeding Delilah for most of my first trimester and I think that definitely added to my exhaustion from not being able to provide my body with all of the necessary nutrients since I did have nausea and food aversions that limited my eating at times.

I also noticed an increase in mood swings and just being very emotional about everything. This made parenting toddlers pretty difficult, because there are a lot of moments when patience is needed and I just did not have the threshold that I normally did. At times it felt like we would all have our own meltdowns.

Thankfully my mom came over a lot to help with the girls to let me rest. My husband is in a very busy season of life doing schooling, student hours at the hospital along with working as well. If it wasn’t for my moms help, I am not sure how my sanity would have been!

I kept reminding myself that these feelings would not last forever, it is just a phase and I would return to feeling like myself again soon. I gave myself a ton of grace and allowed things to be more laid back, we had more screen time, more cuddles, messier home and definitely more frozen food than in a while!

First ultrasound of our little love at 14 weeks & 2 days!

This pregnancy compared to my other two?

Pregnancy #3 has been the easiest one by far! Even though I still had some struggles, it has been easier than my previous two. I like to think that my body has learned how to deal with being pregnant since it’s our third time around.

With my previous two pregnancies I had nausea for about 8-10 weeks that was pretty intense, especially my first pregnancy. I also had frequent heartburn and just discomfort in my previous pregnancies that I have not encountered as much this time around. Another issue that came up often previously was UTI’s, thankfully I have not had one this time around so far!

Along with my body already knowing what to do, I have been intentional over the last few years to continusally be improving my physical & mental health. I will be covering more about my natural health journey and how it relates to pregnancy soon!

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My advice to other mama’s…

You never really know how your body is going to handle pregnancy, but just remember that majority of your discomfort that you are experiencing will be temporary. You will eventually return back to your energetic fully food loving self. Try to nourish your body with plenty of nutritious food and water.

If you are a mom of littles and currently in this season of being pregnant, remember to give yourself a lot of love and grace. Don’t feel guilty about resting or being open about what you need from your spouse and immediate family if they are willing to help.

10 Tips & Tricks for surviving pregnancy with toddlers at home:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Eat nourishing food as much as you can, do not skip meals
  3. Meal plan & prep food in advance for easy cooking
  4. Ask for help from friends & family
  5. Get plenty of rest, take naps when kids are napping!
  6. Use increased screen time if you need more rest or to keep your sanity
  7. Focus your energy on maintaining a healthy & positive relationship with your children & spouse
  8. Prioritize your energy on the most important things
  9. Make sure to set aside time for you
  10. Give yourself lots of grace!!

Important Reminder to All Mama’s:

Nothing is more important than your relationship with your children. (I remind myself of this often, because I can become easily triggered when I am feeling overwhelmed.)

Let go of having a tidy home for a while, find easier meals to prepare for the family, make screen time a learning and bonding opportunity if you need to include it more and preserve your energy and patience for being with your children.

If you are currently pregnant, how has your first trimester gone so far?? How are you surviving being pregnant with your toddlers at home?

I will be sharing my pregnancy journey in more detail over on instagram, @raisingyoumaintainingme

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