Podcasts That Have The Power To Transform Your Life

Looking to pass time listening to podcasts that have worthy content?

To get yourself thinking and changing your life in the right direction?

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to take action in my life and start transforming into the woman that I really wanted to be. I decided to tackle my anxiety and personal insecurities head on.

I knew that I could not grow in these areas by myself. I decided to seek professional therapy along with diving into the self-help world of knowledge of podcasts and books.

If you are anything like me when you are looking to read or listen to a podcast you are doing it for a particular reason.

I look for podcasts that are going to get me thinking. Show me a NEW perspective and address areas where I could improve on.

Everyone can improve their lives, little by little. Transforming it into the life they have always imagined having. You can start just by listening to quality content that others have to say with an open mind.

I have learned how to simplify my home, communicate more effectively with my husband, and most importantly, I have learned the importance of living an intentional life and being true to who I am.


They challenge me to be better. Do better. And live better.

And they have the same potential to do that for you.

The Minimalists Podcast

The Minimalists

The simple thought that living with less could actually INCREASE my happiness intrigued me so I decided to give them a listen. I have always been one to self soothe with shopping bags to then be donating most of it six months later because I was just impulse buying. I never felt fully satisfied with what I had and always felt that if I had more of something I would be happier, especially if I got it on sale! Turns out, it is just the opposite.

The Minimalist’s do a great job at opening your eyes to what it means to be intentional and live simply. If you feel that you have lost control of your life or are on the wrong path, I encourage you to give this podcast a try. Most of us are stuck in this rat race of life working most of our days and overspending our money on unnecessary items. We essentially become slaves to our lifestyles just because everyone else is doing it.

What if you slowed down and lived simply? Letting go of all of the unnecessary items and activities in your life. Imagine how much freedom you would have. This podcast is all about finding the real you and what adds value to your life. Josh and Ryan have a great friendship and relatable personalities that make you feel as if you are having a conversation with one of your friends.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversation

Craving to talk about topics that are more meaningful than what your friends had for lunch or what they just ordered online? Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations discuss topics that get you thinking about what really matters in life such as how you connect with your soul and find your true purpose in life. Connecting health and wellness to the mind body and soul experiences that we have throughout our lifetime.

It shares truths about struggles and keys to success from well-known authors to celebrities. They are conversations that you feel in your soul and leaves you thinking about it the rest of the day. I have found this podcast to show light on the deeper meanings in life that we overlook most days. It is a good reminder of the importance of slowing down and focusing on deep connection with the world around us, from the trees and animals to the strangers on the street.

ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show

ONE Extraordinary Marriage

I recently started listening to this podcast and have fallen in love with the couple that runs the show, Tony and Alisa. They are open about their own personal struggles that they have worked through in their marriage from childbearing years to raising teenagers together and growing a business together.

Sometimes it can be hard to communicate with your spouse about the areas that need working on. Or maybe you don’t even know something in the relationship just isn’t right. I have found ONE Extraordinary Marriage a great conversation starter with my husband. We often have a difficult time communicating our problems and this podcast has given us many tools to help us.

Marriage is the most important relationship we have. We need to nurture it the best we can, longer than just the honeymoon phase. Marriage is truly the foundation for our family. By demonstrating a strong and healthy marriage encourages your children to build relationships that are modeled that same way.

I did not listen to this podcast in a time of struggle with my husband, instead, it was out of curiosity and fear of future struggles. Being a young married couple with a toddler, I was looking for some real-life advice on how not to go down the wrong path and become the typical mediocre relationship.

During the parenting years, it can become so easy to put yourselves and your relationship with your partner on the back burner. Tony and Alisa give constant reminders and examples of why it is so important to make time to work on your marriage.

RISE podcast

RISE Podcast

If you are familiar with the self-improvement/motivational speaker movement, you should know the name, Rachel Hollis. She is the author of Girl Wash Your Face, which if you have not read this book, you need to get it ASAP!!

Rachel writes openly about the common struggles that many women face from the misconceptions we have of ourselves. As someone who struggles with confidence and self-worth issues, this book gave me a new perspective of why I had the feelings that I did and the tools to work at overcoming these lies that I had about myself.

She is awesome at breaking down how to work at achieving your goals and how to stop making excuses for why things are not happening in your life. Her advice and motivation is a game changer and will be sure to leave you in the mood to get moving in the right direction.

RISE Together Podcast


After listening to the RISE Podcast I decided to follow Rachel on Instagram to continue to get daily motivation from another outlet because she is just that amazing!

I am currently in the process of transforming my social media to become a motivational platform rather than a comparison playground to my peers.

Rachel and her husband, Dave, do an Instagram Live video daily to start their followers off in a positive note discussing relatable topics such as comparison, goal setting, and life-changing habits to incorporate into your daily routine. So after seeing their playful connection, I was happy to come across their podcast that they do as a couple.

The journey of self-improvement is much more successful when you are incorporating it into all aspects of your life, including relationships. I am very fortunate to have a husband that is as excited to try new techniques and routines with the intentions of improving our lives for the better as I am.

Rachel and Dave encourage couples to keep each other accountable when working on their relationship goals, along with their personal goals. Identifying how difficult it can be when switching roles in the family, such as the wife working outside the home. They also discuss issues such as when one person in the relationship seems to be growing and transforming into a better them, but the other partner is resistant.

Many couples struggle with this, especially if an individual has insecurity issues.

There was a point in our relationship where my husband became very focused on working out and transforming his body into what he had always wanted. At this point in my life, I was struggling with severe anxiety and became resentful at him for having this goal of making himself better.

I feared that I would be left behind if he found success. Now that I am in a better place myself and have more confidence in myself, I see how selfish and insecure this was of me to feel this way.

I have acknowledged my feelings and been open and honest with my husband about why I reacted the way I did at that time. I have become my husbands biggest supporter when it comes to bettering himself.

Rachel and Dave will make you laugh with their cheesy jokes and remind you to appreciate the friendship you have with your partner. After all, your spouse should be your best friend that you enjoy spending time with even when life seems to busy to sneak in date nights.


The Purpose Show

The Purpose Show

After starting to simplify our home I started to look for resources for how this works when you have children. We currently have a two-year-old girl that seems to have more clothes than her father and I put together. It is mind-blowing! And we just found out that we will be expecting another little girl in June! I am over the moon for Melina having a sister, however, terrified of the amount of stuff we will be accumulating again!

So I figured there had to be someone out there to shed some light on how a simple lifestyle is possible with a family. That is when I found Allie Casazza. She is a mother of 4 that has transformed her life into a very intentional lifestyle.

The Purpose Show provides content to moms who are looking to simplify their lifestyles and make motherhood more enjoyable. It does not have to be hectic and busy every moment of the day. It is okay to say no to activities and have downtime with the family.

Allie provides tips on maintaining a peaceful home, working mom tips, and how to be an intentional parent in today’s world. She is super sweet and genuine with her message. Every Mama could benefit from Allie’s advice.

So next time you are doing household tasks or driving in the car for twenty minutes, give one of these podcasts a try.

There is an unbelievable amount of knowledge out there that can help transform your life into the one your heart desires.

Now obviously your life is not going to change just by listening to these podcasts. You have to be listening with an open mind and be willing to incorporate these tips into your life to see the transformation.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of these podcasts! Let me know if there are any other podcasts that have been inspirational in your life.

I am always looking for a good listen!


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