We’ve Been Keeping A Secret…

Wow it has been a while since I have been on here to write a blog post!! When I go MIA then yo know something is up & we’ve been keeping a secret…

We are excited to announce that WE ARE PREGNANT…AGAIN!!

That is right, we are expecting another little love early June 2021!

I am currently 21 weeks, as I am writing this and have so much to catch you guys up on!!

Don’t worry, I will have posts coming about how my first trimester was and how this pregnancy has been compared to my other two. Also how I am surviving with two little busy toddler running around! Click here!

Just a little catch up on myself and our family if you are new here…My name is Chelsea and I am 27. I am currently a stay at home mom to two little girls, Melina (4) and Delilah (18months). I write about all things motherhood, mental health, Montessori learning, & low toxic living!

If you have been pregnant before you can understand the complete exhaustion and loss of motivation that can come with it. I am just now starting to get my energy back and feel more like myself.

I decided to just take a break from the blog and really prioritize my sleep during the first several weeks, because this mama needed it!

I cannot wait to continue to share my pregnancy journey with you all!! I am planning on doing a home birth for the first time ever for this pregnancy.

If you are interested in following my journey more closely, make sure to follow us on Instagram @raisingyoumaintainingme

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I post on IG pretty often and check in daily with my stories! Much better than I am doing here! Hoping that starts to change this month as I get a new routine figured out.

Check in next week as I will be revealing if we will be having a baby boy or baby girl!!! Click here to see baby #3 gender reveal!

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