Top 10 Mom Quotes That Inspire

Looking for mom quotes that inspire you?

One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest, besides finding new delicious recipes, is reading through quotes!

Especially during a time that I am overwhelmed or stressed out, it is so soothing to just read through relatable quotes.

I have put together my top ten favorite mom quotes that inspire me.

These quotes remind me how precious my job as a mother is to my daughter in times that I take it for granted and get frustrated by the small things.

Sometimes this happens more often than I would like to admit, but that is why it is important to remember how lucky we are to have the amazing children that we have, imperfections and all.

I like to set these as the wallpaper of my phone as a reminder for myself when I become in a grumpy mom mood.

These quotes uplift me and drive me to just enjoy the journey of motherhood.

mom quotes that inspire

“Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger”

This quote will hit everyone differently because we all feel that we needed something from our parents during our childhood that could have helped us. For me, it is understanding and presence.

This mom quote inspires me to just be there and listen to my children’s feelings.

It is not our place as parents to tell our children how to feel.

In fact, when we do, it makes them shut down and not want to express themselves for fear of expressing it wrongly.

I really try not to say things like “Don’t cry, there is no reason to be sad right now.” or “You’re not hurt, it’s okay.”

Instead, I try to validate her feelings, whether I agree with them or not and work on how we are going to make her feel better.

When I was a child I struggled with being able to show my emotions without feeling guilty about them.

To this day I still have issues with this and continue to work on validating my own feelings.

mom quotes that inspire

“The Most Important Work You Will Ever Do Will Ever Do Will Be Within The Walls Of Your Own Home”

If you are a stay at home mom it can be easy to feel that the work that you do during the day isn’t enough compared to what other people are out there doing.

When I first decided to be a stay at home mom and discontinue going for my bachelors in business, I felt that I was a failure.

Especially when we would meet up with other friends our age and they were off getting their degrees and grown-up jobs. It was hard to explain to them why I decided to stop my education and leave my accounting job because they just were on a different path in life.

However, I know that if I were to continue down that path, I would not be fulfilled.

Actually, I am pretty sure I would be pretty miserable and drowning in mom guilt. That is not my purpose right now, and that is okay.

Read about my journey of deciding to stay home here: The Mom Conflict: Deciding to Stay at Home or Return to Work

I believe my purpose is to raise my beautiful babies to the best of my ability and to continue to provide them with unconditional love. To build a home that is centered on our core values as a family.

I only have four years with my babies until they start their academic journey, and you better believe I want to be around for those years.

So Mama, if you are doubting your importance as a mom, read that quote over and over again until you become proud of what you do every single day for your family.



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“When Little People Are Overwhelmed By Big Emotions, It’s Our Job To Share Our Calm, Not Join In Their Chaos.”

This mom quote inspires me right now because we are in the middle of terrible twos.

I never understood why it was called that until I experienced it. 

Let me tell you I am terrified for threenager!

At two years old children can understand so much but have a difficult time fully communicating their thoughts and feelings. Whether it be speech difficulty or just not knowing what words to use to express themselves.

Majority of our meltdowns are not misbehavior but miscommunication.

Taking a minute to understand that helps calm down when all I want to do is scream back at my daughter. Sometimes it is very hard to keep your cool but when you don’t you are reinforcing to your child to communicate in negative ways.

Read my post about transforming into a calmer mom: Become The Mom You Were Meant To Be Not The ANGRY Mom You Have Been

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“Many people talk about having kids like it is a bad thing.”

You want to know what true love is? Have some kids.

They don’t care how much money you have, what car you drive, or how you look. They truly love you for you. The unconditional love between you and your children is priceless.

Every parent knows the overwhelming amount of love that comes over you the minute you meet your baby for the first time. And even though there are times when parenting is so difficult, that amount of love never fades. It just keeps on growing.

I say this a lot, but I really believe the most important things you can provide for your children is love and your presence.

At the end of the day that is what every child is seeking, connection.

Copy of Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger-min

“You Will Never Look Back On Life & Think “I Spent Too Much Time With My Kids.”

This one gives me the chills sometimes when I think about how fast time goes by. I try to remind myself in moments when I feel that I should be more productive. Or when I think about how it was when I had more freedom.

Time is so limited and never guaranteed.

Try to be still more Mama with your kids and just observe how beautiful they are, inside and out.

Watch them play, laugh, and imagine.

One of my favorite things to do is to watch my daughter sleep. I just take notice of how peaceful she is right then and there.

I get this overwhelming sense of joy that God chose me to be her Mama. How lucky am I?

I often wonder what is going on in that busy mind of hers. She has a mind like her Mama, going a hundred miles per hour all the time. I can tell already.

I have so many hopes and dreams for her beautiful soul. But the biggest one is for her to be comfortable in her own skin and just let herself shine through, no matter what the world thinks.

Children Do Not Need More Things-min

“Children Do Not Need More Things. The Best Toys A Child Can Have Is A Parent Who Gets Down On The Floor And Plays With Them.”

In today’s society, I see so many parents trying to buy their children’s love. Sure that is the easy thing to do and many think it makes up for the lost time. But children only play with toys for a short period. It all comes and goes in phases.

A child that has every toy in the toy aisle and no one to play with will be less satisfied than a child that has a couple toys that they are engaged with their parents.

Heck, sometimes the best toys aren’t even real toys.

Children love when we demonstrate how to use our imagination. Like making a really cool fort out of the chairs and blankets.

Or when you pretend you are at the beach in your living room. The carpet is the sand, the area rug is the ocean. Get some rice out and a bin and break out the sand toys and let them play with you.

Those are memories they will remember forever, not the newest toy you brought home for them.Great Parenting Quotes-min

“Great Parenting Happens When You Start Controlling Yourself And Stop Controlling Your Child.”

I need this reminder pretty often. I catch myself getting so angry at my daughter when I cannot control her behavior or emotions. Often times it makes a frustrating situation much worse because of how I am responding.

It has been a learning process for me to realize it is not my job to try and control her.

My responsibility as her mother is to guide her in the right direction. And when she strays it is okay, for it is a learning opportunity.

A lot of the time when I see her misbehaving, it ignites a fear that I have inside that she will turn out this way or that.

Unfortunately, I react in panic and harsh words trying to get my message across to her that is no way to behave.

The right thing to do is to talk calmly about the situation, even if she cannot understand all the concepts yet. Demonstrating the right way to behave is much more effective than harsh words and punishment.

Parenting Quotes-min

“Remember You Are Not Managing An Inconvenience. You Are Raising A Human Being.”

Sometimes I feel that parents are overwhelmed with the responsibilities life comes with that they view parenting as another chore that has to be done. I see this a lot when talking to other parents. You can sense their overwhelm just by listening to the way they talk about their parenting role.

This mindset breaks my heart.

I believe children can feel that stigma and become to feel as if they are a burden to their parents. No child should feel that way.

It is my hope to help encourage other Mama’s to be excited and energized at this opportunity to raise their children. It is such a magical time in our lives.

Yes, it is exhausting, and at times you feel like you are robbed of all of your own wants and needs.

But here is the thing, you have the power to set the tone for your motherhood.

You have the power to transform it into a beautiful experience instead of another chore in life.

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“Don’t Raise Your Kids To Have More Than You Had, Raise Them To Be More Than You Were.”

Lately, there has been such an emphasis on children being prepared to go to college in order to get that grown-up job to provide a life for themselves.

But where is the emphasis on children being emotionally ready for life? Where is the emphasis for children to understand money is not what will make them happy?

I am scared to think so many children are set up for disappointment and unfulfillment.

It is my hope to encourage my children to be honest with who they are. Encouraging them to continue growing as a person throughout life.

I am determined to teach them that human connection is one of the most important and fulfilling actions there are in life.

Yes, a paycheck is necessary for survival, but it is not the key to surviving well.

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice-min

“The Way We Talk To Our Children Becomes Thier Inner Voice.”

Words as parents are so powerful to our children. Not as powerful as our action but still very powerful. I know I have been guilty of saying some harsh comments when my daughter is acting out because I am just so fed up with her behavior and frustrated.

After the situation, I sit there in guilt thinking if she hears her mom calling her mean because she is not sharing that she will really believe she is a mean person.

No, I don’t think that happens from very rare comments. But oftentimes we get in habits of how we speak to our children.

Constantly shaming your child when they are misbehaving creates a negative self-talk in their heads because that is what they are consisently hearing from you.

If your hope is to raise a child that is kind to others, encourage that behavior. Verbally point out when they are kind to others and how it makes them feel.

Our words as parents have the power to transform our children’s mindset and belief structure. Not to mention they will stick with them for the rest of their lives..

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