Montessori Toys On A Budget

Montessori toys are items that the child has to manipulate in order to play. These toys encourage the child to explore independent discovery by playing hands on.

I like to call these toys “open ended”. Which means there are multiple ways a child can play. Open ended toys tend to capture children’s attention for longer periods of time and encourage their own unique imagination.

Montessori toys are typically higher quality of materials like wood, canvas, and felt to engage their senses of feeling surfaces. Sensory play is very important for children, especially younger babies and toddlers.

If you have ever searched for Montessori toys, you know that they usually run at a higher price point because of their quality. There are some items that are an investment and will be able to grow with your child for years to come. But for some people these toys are out of the question becuase of cost.

Well, we are on a tight budget over here and have found a way to afford quality, Montessori toys for our children! Can you guess how we do it?

Thrifting Montessori Toys

Thrifting items is such a great way to save money and be sustainable for the environment. We gather Montessori toys at different thrift shops around the area for a fraction of what we would pay for it new! We recently just started back on the hunt for some new toys and within two trips we have found so many great items!!

I am planning on doing a Montessori based preschool for my 3.5 year old this year so I want to make sure we have enough toys in our toy rotation that challenge her to explore while learning.

More on our home school preschool curriculum soon!

I honestly get so excited when we find a quality item for a great price!! As a young family just starting off, I want to be able to provide everything for our children, but sometimes the money isn’t there and obviously toys aren’t our first priority.

We have had our best luck going to smaller thrift stores rather than big chains like Salvation Army. Remember, thrifting is usually a hit or miss. Some days you will find a ton of great quality items and the next time it is all junk.

I have found that I can always find some wicker baskets which is what I have been storing a lot of our items around the house in. Like our toys, books, and even laundry! I can usually find a few books too if I look hard enough.

Read more about what Montessori learning is here.

Recent Great Thrifting Finds!

I listed the items below & where to find them on Amazon. These are affiliate links so I may receive a commission off of a purchased item with no extra cost to you. See the disclosure policy for more details.

Rolling Beads retails for $10.99….we paid $1!

Carter’s wooden trains retails for $13….we paid $3.99!

Hape Rainbow Xelophone retails for $20.27 we paid $2.99!

The Zoo Safe for stuffed animals retails for $129.99 we paid $9.99!

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles retails for $18.99….we paid $2.99!

Manley Tonka Wooden Workbench retails for $44.95….we paid $4.99!

It’s Hard to be Five retails for $11.86….we paid $0.50!

Today I Feel Silly retails for $10.89….we paid $0.50!

Atlas Sticker Book retails for $12.61 we paid $.50!

Wicker basket book holder retails for 24.99….we paid $2.99!

Total spent at thrift stores $36.43

We would have spent $298.54 if we would have bought everything at retail price!!

So if you are on a tight budget but are looking to transform your children’s play area into a Montessori style learning environment it can be done affordably!

Another great option is to share with friends and family what items you would really like to get your children and see if they could be gifted for birthday & holidays.

This has just been what we found within our last two trips of intentionally looking for these items.

I cannot wait to see what else we find along the way!

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