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I was very excited to plan our activities for Dino week because we have not explored this subject very much. Melina has a cousin that loves Dinos so we have played with them here and there but never at our own home.

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Here’s what our Dinosaur Unit Consisted of:

Activity 1: Dino Sensory Bin

We went to the park on Sunday and rounded up a bag full of items Melina thought the Dinos would like. This included rocks, acorns, leaves, sticks, wood chips, and some dirt! I love including her when we are making our sensory bins and really have fun imagining our little scene we are making.

We worked on our counting skills, identifying what type of Dinosaurs we had in the bin, and their diets.

Activity 2: Stegosaurus Name Craft

I found this idea on Pinterest and thought it was perfect for Dino week. We worked on our gluing skills along with identifying our letters to spell Melina & Delilahs name.

I like to have everything set up and ready to go to avoid frustration and impatience from the little ones!

Craft tip: Always have a finished product that they can use as a reference.

You can find the full tutorial here!

Activity 3: Make Dinosaurs out Of Magna-Tiles

This activity was great for Melina because she has been obsessed with puzzle lately. We surprised her and put this on the fridge at night so when she woke up she saw the outline of the Dinos with the Magna-Tiles nearby in a bowl.

Great for working on identifying shapes and sharpening those logic skills!

Activity 4: DIY Excavation

I was so excited that I discovered to make our own Excavation kit with just a few ingredients we had on hand. I promise it is so easy and simple to do! All you need is Cornstarch, water and the fossil you want to bury!

Melina loved excavating and discovering the fossil that was buried!

Here’s how you do it:

  • 2 Parts Cornstarch
  • 1 Part Water
  • Fossil
  • Mix Cornstarch & Water together until you have a thick paste, the amount will depend on the size of your container.
  • Once you have the consistency that you want, place fossil in paste and push down.
  • Set outside in the sun for about 2 days to dry out.
  • Once it starts cracking you are good to excavate!

Activity 5: Dino Fossil Cookies

Our last activity was making cookies and stamping the Dinos feet into the cookies to make a fossil.

We choose just simple sugar cookies that were ready to throw into the oven to save time and much easier for Melina to set up herself.

Make sure to add the footprints to the cookies after they are done baking so you can see them clearly.

Out of all the activities this one was definitely her favorite for obvious reasons!

Activity 6: Word Puzzles

Making your own word puzzles is a great way for children to learn to recognize letters and words that they are building hands on.

We left this activity out all week so she was able to grab it when interested. Keeping it nice and simple helps children stay focused and not become overwhelmed with the task.

Books for the Week:

have linked the books on Amazon and Usborne if you are interested for using them for your learning at home. As an Amazon Associate, I do receive a commission based off of items purchased at no extra cost to you.

Big Book Of Dinosaurs by Usborne

If I Had A Dinosaur by Gabby Dawnay

Turns out Dinos are a hit here and we will continue learning more about them!

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