Montessori At Home: Construction Week

Alright we just completed our first week of our Montessori Preschool at home!!

If you have been following along, you know that we are doing Montessori style learning for my daughter Melina who will be four in November.

New to Montessori Learning? Read this first!

We are exploring different topics each week to make it fun and exciting.

Here’s our schedule for the next few months!

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For our first week we did a construction unit! This was fun and much different than what we are used to playing with. It is a house full of girls here and to be honest we haven’t explored the construction topic much before this.

So I am taking a very relaxed approach to our learning and really letting my daughter be the leader. I set up daily activities and make sure we have related toys and books to explore and let her decide from there.

Here is a schedule of what our daily activities were for our Construction Unit:

Activity 1: DIY Hammer & Golf T Practice with Styrofoam

This activity is great for fine motor skills, strengthening eye hand coordination and concentration. We practiced our counting and also object identification with similarities and differences since we had two different types of Ts.

Activity 2: Here to There Bean Transport

I placed the beans in a pile on the tray and placed the bowl down the table so she had to transport them across the table. This is fun for sensory play and exploration on how construction sites work.

Activity 3: DIY Tool Puzzle

We had these little tools on hand and Melina has been OBSESSED with puzzles lately! This DIY puzzle is very easy to do with any toys or objects on hand and they love it! Great for object identification, building a broader vocabulary, and recognizing words that corresponds to an object.

Activity 4: Dirt Exploration with Diggers

We were at my moms house for the day and we wanted to continue our learning so I rounded up some gardening tools and let Melina explore in the dirt!

Activity 5: Measuring Magna-Tiles

The measuring tape is Melina’s favorite item to get out of our toolbox when it is open. This was a huge hit and she loved the freedom of being able to put the measuring tape to use! We worked on proper handling of the tool, identifying numbers, and differentiating between small, medium & large.

Books for the week:

I have linked the books on Amazon if you are interested for using them for your learning at home. As an Amazon Associate, I do receive a commission based off of items purchased at no extra cost to you.

Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night by Brianna Caplan Sayres

Construct-O-Rama by Nick Baxter

Truck Jam by Paul Stickland

If you are planning to be doing learning at home I highly suggest you start figuring out what type of materials you are looking for and then start heading to your local thrift stores!

We have been going to the thrift store weekly for about a month now and have expanded our learning materials for a fraction of the cost.

We also have been building our home library with awesome books for a steal at 50 cents per book!!!

My absolute favorite children’s books are these ones!

If you are on a tight budget, do not let that hold you back! We are a young family just starting out and making it work! You can too!

Head over to my blog post about finding Montessori Materials at an affordable price here!

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