I’ve Been MIA & Here’s Why…

It has been about month, geez maybe two?! Since I have written anything on my blog. All of a sudden I just stopped coming on here & went MIA.

I have been trying to make some extra money for our family, so I do Shipt when I can get a moment away from the girls. I was doing an order the day before my daughters birthday when I was in a car accident on a delivery.

Thankfully I only suffered a very bad headache and a beat up car that took forever to get fixed from the dearler. & oh yeah a heafty deductible fee.

But I was safe, the other driver was safe and I went back home to my family.

But that was the start. I could tell I was getting into a funk after that. Something I do when I become overwhelmed and burdened with anxiety.

You see, right now my husband and I are in very busy seasons of our life. He is working, going to school, and doing his rotation for his program. (Cath lab tech.)

I am over here trying to keep my sanity with my two little ones, Melina & Delilah, while racking my brain with how to be able to contribute financially without committing to a full time work schedule.

For a while I just wasn’t myself. I was reserved from my husband, easily frustrated with my toddler and just unhappy. A wave of the blues had washed over me and I couldn’t shake them.

But I have rounded that corner and feel so much more like myself again. We are still in this crazy season but we put a pause on the vlogging right now and decided intentional family is more important without complications.

My writing is starting to sound appealing again as I know it keeps me level headed.

So I don’t know know where we are going from here yet. But I do know, that for as many times as I have taken breaks from this blog. I always come back. And that says something to me. (I have an issue with starting things and just moving onto the next thing without completing or mastering them.)

I really hope this blog is the one thing I can learn to master and stick with. For now, I guess we will see.

Right now I am gathering some ideas for upcoming posts. Motherhood? Baby updates? Toddler food ideas? Respectful parenting tips?

Please leave some suggestions in the comments below!

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