How To Save Money On Your Kids Clothing

Here are 3 tips that save us a lot of money on clothing for our daughter, I am sure it will help you too! 

Before you know it, your little one will have more clothes in their closet then you! And to no surprise, those clothes that are half the size might cost the same amount if not more then your own clothing!

Of course, you want your little one in the cutest clothes around. But what if it is just not in the new baby budget?

1. Ask friends or relatives

This one is by far the best way to save money.  

Most family and friends are so eager to get rid of the excess baby gear that they will give it away willingly! Therefore is a win-win for everyone! What family wants to hang on to excess baby gear and clothes? I know we don’t!

This is great if you have a lot of friends or family that have had children before you, as your options will be plentiful!  Especially if their kids just outgrew the clothes, as the clothes you will receive will most likely be matched current trends so you won’t have to worry about your little one wearing outdated clothes.


Since we were one of the first of our friends to have children, we only had a small amount that we received second had from friends and family.

Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for their baby gear and clothes. I am sure they would much rather know it is going to a good home and that you will find a use for it. Maybe offer a small amount for items you received to let them know you appreciate their generosity.

2. Go to the thrift store

Next stop, the thrift store! Cue the Macklemore music!!

I was never into shopping at thrift stores frequently until I became pregnant. As young parents, we did not have a lot of extra cash to be spending on our daughter’s clothing. So I became resourceful!

I found that the kid’s section in thrift stores are like shopping at Carters! There are always new pieces of clothing that are for sale for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention I have found Gap and Old Navy clothing there too. A pair of Old Navy skinny jeans for $1.99! Can you beat that with the deals online? I doubt it. 

Around here, there are many Salvation Army locations that run daily specials. I found the best way to shop here was to get to know the best deals and stop by frequently. They run student/teacher specials, specific colored tag deals, every Friday you can buy 5 pieces of clothing for $5 dollars, and every holiday that they open they run extra deals as well. There are many options on when to catch a good deal.


Since it is the thrift store, there are a lot of options to sort through. So make sure you have some time and patience!

Now, some people have a hard time justifying shopping at the thrift store.

I, on the other hand, do not! I think it is a wonderful way to save money and put perfectly good clothes back to use. Children are in their clothing sizes for such a small time period.

Not to mention it takes the pressure off trying to keep my daughter’s clothes pristine. If she spills or gets her clothes dirty outside, I am okay with it.

It is awful to think that you just throw those clothes out and they never get used again. Plus, I would much rather give my money to the Salvation Army than overpriced clothing stores.

how to save money for kids clothes

These two adorable winter coats were $11 together! These coats are one of our best finds yet for my daughter at the thrift store!

I have found some of my other favorite outfits at the thrift store as well! When she was an infant I was buying Carter onesies for .69 cents and pajamas for about $1.00! I know Carter’s cannot compete with those prices….even with the daily coupon codes that they send me in my email!  

Plus, it allowed me to dress my daughter in a variety of styles, not just what was in style now.

Remember, have an open mind. Some days, I only found one or two items I liked. Others, I would find 10-15.


3. Shop clearance racks/End of season

Do you have a hard time paying full price for clothes? I know I sure do. Like I absolutely hate it!

I just know how quickly stores are changing styles and discounting their last trend out. Especially when the seasons are about to change. Here in Michigan, it happens fast!

My go to places for Lina’s clothes are Target, Old Navy and JC Penney’s. I have had a lot of success in getting clothes at a large discount that are ADORABLE!

I love the Cat & Jack brand at Target! They carry some of the cutest kids clothes around and they are always having a clearance rack that has 30-50% off select styles. Most pieces that I am purchasing are under $5 unless it is a dress which is then around $7-9.

Dressing your little ones do not have to be expensive.  

If you are a new mom, I suggest starting once you find the sex of the baby out. Selecting gender neutral colors will also help you save in the future if you are planning to have more children.

Existing mamas, always keep your eye out for clothes the next size up on sale. That way you won’t be worried you don’t have clothes in the next when they begin transitioning out.

Patience is key when searching for clothes on sale!  


I would love to hear where other Mama’s have success finding cute clothes that are a great deal!



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