How To Stop Being Such A Serious Mom

Mama, it is time you stop being such a serious mom!

Your husband comes home and within twenty minutes he has the little ones giggling like crazy. You think to yourself “gee where was that? You were just having a tantrum, AGAIN”.  You feel frustrated and honestly a bit sad.

I know I sure do.

But then I start to observe how my husband acts with my daughter. He gives his WHOLE undivided attention and acts so silly. At least almost all of his attention.

We have an extremely jealous pup that makes it pretty difficult to ignore her.

Yes, my husband acts a little crazy and runs around when he is playing with her. Honestly, she would probably be laughing and happy whether or not he was a crazy man.

Because she has ALL of her daddy’s attention.

Now I am not saying that I don’t have moments with my daughter where we are laughing and having fun, but I have noticed that we experience these moments a lot less together.


Think back to most of your days with your children.

Are you juggling too much?

Cleaning the house, paying bills, trying to cook, or maybe you just have a hard time being present in the current moment with them.  

Trust me I know that struggle.

But what if you took more time out of your day to be silly with your children? What if you forget about everything that is stressing you out and overwhelming and just let it go?

Little ones can feel YOUR energy mama.

Maybe they don’t laugh and be silly because YOU don’t.

Maybe they aren’t all smiles and giggles because YOU aren’t.

Be Present.

Give them 100% of your attention for a while. SMILE MAMA, LAUGH MAMA, and have FUN!

I bet what you see is a complete transformation.  In fact, I know.

The days where I am FULLY present. Well, they are amazing with my little girl!

We connect deeper, the giggles are more abundant, and the smiles make my heart full.

It is worth letting the dishes get a little piled up, and the bill paying getting pushed back until later. Forgetting the to-do list for a little bit. Ignoring all the notifications on your phone.

I still struggle with following through with slowing down and prioritizing what matters most. It is a process of changing your habits and changing your expectations of yourself. 

Realistically, this is not how every day all day is going to be, some days there are tasks that just have to be completed or issues that have your attention.

However, even on those days, there is nothing wrong with trying to capture some of these precious moments.

During the times where your child is driving you absolutely crazy and constantly acting out, take a step back.

Think about how the day has gone. Why is your child acting this way? What are they trying to communicate with you? More often times then not, you will be able to find the answer. Most likely its just your undivided attention they are needing.

Designate a time slot where you can give your little one(s) ALL of you. Whether it is 30 minutes or 3 hours, it will be sensational to your child to have that undivided attention.

Children just want to know they are loved. They do not feel loved by receiving toys, money, or any type of material thing. They need your attention.

My uncle once said, “kids do not remember who bought them their toys, but they remember who sat down to play with them with those toys.” 


Many couples are waiting to start a family now until they are completely settled into their careers and large suburban house.

Their intentions are good, but in reality, just because you have those things does not mean your children are going to have the perfect childhood.

Somehow parents have been misguided to believe that career and a big home is what makes a happy family. 

It is hard to find the perfect balance in life, but not impossible. 

It can become overwhelming and stressful trying to juggle a family, career, and keeping up with household tasks. Managing your time can become extremely difficult during this season of life, but it is so important that you prioritize your time and remember what matters most!

The amount of love that children feel is not measured by the size of the house you can provide for them. Or the brands of clothes that they wear. And most definitely not the number of toys in which they own.

I promise you none of that stuff is the key to a happy FAMILY or a happy YOU.

Think back to your own childhood, what moments stand out to you?

Most likely it is moments of deep connection.

When your children are looking back at their childhood, what will they see? Do they see parents that made time for them? Were their feelings valued? How about a mom that was too stressed or preoccupied to have fun with them?

Don’t let your daily stressors become the face that your children see you as.

Ditch the seriousness and just slow down to enjoy your time with your children.

Remember children are only little for such a short period of time.

Enjoy it.


Get Dirty.


It is important to take a step back and look at our lives from different perspectives. Our children are not going to see their childhood exactly how we see it.

However, it is important to be aware of how they might perceive it one day. Looking at their childhood in our children’s eyes is the best way to see areas in which we can improve in.

It is our responsibility as parents to do the very best that we can to raise beautiful children inside and out.  

Giving children your TIME is what really speaks to their heart to know they are loved.

TIME is the most valuable gift anyone can give.

Go give your time mama and have FUN, don’t let the seriousness get the best of you!!


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