Hospital Bag Essentials – Second Time Mom

We finally reached the point where we should be carrying the hospital bag with us and yet I still did not want to pack it. It’s not that I did not want the baby to come but I felt like if I was too prepared then she definitely wouldn’t come early. I know crazy thinking but that’s how I am!

Well, I waited until about 36 weeks to pack our bags and she decided not to arrive until close to 41 weeks!!!


Read more about my natural birth story for my second labor here! Natural Hospital Birth – Delilah’s Birth Story

Since it was my second time packing a hospital bag, it was much easier to include what I know I would be using. But that also meant that I needed to pack a bag for my daughter for when she would be with her grandparents while we were at the hospital.

Everyone’s hospital bag is going to look a little different because it should include what items you want to have there to comfort you.

Here is what I included in mine:

Clothes Included In My Hospital Bag

1 pair of Black Cotton JoggersI specifically chose a dark color because of the amount of bleeding that happens after. In case no one warned you – yes there is a lot of postpartum bleeding. Imagine the heaviest period you have ever had!

1 pair of Black Leggings I am delivering in June so I wanted a lighter option to lounge in at the hospital or come home with.

1 Black Nursing Short Sleeve Shirt & 1 Gray Nursing Tank Top – If you plan on attempting to breastfeed I recommend nursing tops for convenience. I purchased a couple from Old Navy that feels super soft and I feel are great quality.

I only used the black shirt as the gray tank top crossed in front and was too small for the first few days after delivery for me.

1 Pink T-Shirt – I wasn’t sure that I would want to be wearing black for our hospital pictures so I made sure to add a pop of color to my selection. It ended up being the perfect contrast for our pictures so I am happy I included it.

I would say it was snugger than I thought it would be on me (I forgot how much of your belly stays the first few days) and my husband’s nephew made the comment of why my belly was still big.

I love how honest kids are! While this really did not offend me, I would keep it in mind and pack a shirt that was a bit loser fitting next time around.

Mama’s do not get discouraged if your body is not what you thought it would be after birth. Some women are able to get right back into their pre-pregnancy clothes, while others it may take a few weeks to a month.

However long it takes, remember that it took you nine months to grow that amazing baby! Even though it may be frustrating, give yourself time to get back to yourself.



2 Nursing Bras Nursing bras make breastfeeding more convenient but are not a must. A regular bra works just fine. Just make sure to pack your largest bras as you will be coming home with full breasts. Even if you decided not to breastfeed it will take some time for your milk to go away.

2 Cotton Panties – I choose my softest and stretchiest panties that I did not mind if I ruined from bleeding. Some women even choose to come home in the disposable underwear the hospital gives them depending on their condition after labor.

2 Pairs of Socks Hospitals are always freezing and the floors are gross. I packed two that way I could change them if we were there a few days. Some feel it is necessary to throw out the socks after wearing them during their stay. If that is the case, make sure not to pack your favorite ones!

1 Silk Floral Robe I packed this with the intentions of changing into it when guests came to meet our sweet girl after the labor or the next day. Of course, after the labor, my head was nowhere thinking about my clothes. I just wanted to soak up all the baby snuggles.

If you want to make sure you are wearing something other than a hospital gown than I recommend packing a robe or your own pretty gown. Obviously, this is not a necessity but more of a comfort item.



Baby’s Essentials For Hospital Bag

I may have overpacked clothing for our sweet girl. I am the worst at making decisions beforehand and it is so hard to pick the right outfits when not knowing exactly how big the baby will be. I recommend packing both newborn and 0-3 month clothing items.

1 Newborn Jams – Possible going home outfit

1 0-3 Months Jams Possible going home outfit

1 0-3 Months Side Snap Long Sleeve Shirt with Matching Pants Possible going home outfit

2 Short-Sleeve Newborn Bodysuits For layering under jams

INFANT CARRIER/CAR SEAT – This one is the most essential item you need to have! You can’t bring a baby home without their car seat! Make sure your seat is properly installed in vehicles and you are familiar with how to use it. This way you will not be panicking if you have a fussy baby while strapping them in.

23B41A11-6273-4027-AE81-EA45FACE60C2-min[1]1 Lightweight Floral Cotton Swaddle I got a 3 pack of these off amazon because I thought these were so cute and perfect for a summertime baby!

1 White Muslin Swaddle Blanket Perfect for hospital pictures and a nursing coverup if the family is visiting.

1 Pink Polka Dot Cotton Blanket Used for hospital pictures as well.

1 Burp Cloth 

Mittens – Babies come out of the womb with some pretty long nails! Mittens help prevent any scratches.

Lots of Bows! – Of course, I couldn’t decide ahead of time what bow I wanted Delilah to be in so we brought a few options. Sticking mainly to pinks and whites that went with all of the other clothing that was brought. It’s a good idea to bring a few as some bows might not fit just right yet depending on the size of baby’s head.

Letterboard & Letters – This is super trendy & cute right now for announcing baby. We picked up this cute pink letterboard pictured above from Target’s value section for $3! 


Check out my post for everything you need for baby! Everything You Need For Baby For First 3 Months

Toiletries For Hospital Bag

  • Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner & Face Wash – I find the first shower after labor heavenly! After your body has endured such hard work and you have a ton of bodily fluid leaking everywhere it is amazing to freshen up and feel like yourself again. I splurged and tried some new products from Method and Love Beauty & Planet that I will continue on buying!
  • Razor
  • Hair Ties
  • Hairbrush
  • Deodorant – I prefer aluminum-free deodorant. Mama, if you haven’t looked into how aluminum affects your body now is a good time to.
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Earth Mama Nipple Butter – If you are breastfeeding this is a must! Chapped nipples are painful and often happen when babies are learning how to nurse. It is non-toxic and safe for application before and after feeds. It can also be used as a balm for lips, hands, feet or anywhere with dry skin.
  • Nursing Pads – Going home with leaky boobs is no fun. Disposable nursing pads are great for on the go to prevent several outfit changes but I suggest getting reusable ones for when you are at home.

Hubbies Items For Hospital Bag

If your husband is anything like mine he will say he is going to pack his hospital bag but really ends up throwing random items together at the time we are supposed to be heading out the door for the hospital.

So do him a favor and just throw in a few items. Heres what he needs:

  • Clothes to sleep in at the hospital
  • Change of clothes to go home in & for hospital pictures
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant 
  • Charger
  • SNACKS! – Yes, your man is going to get hungry while you are in labor and after. Make sure to pack snacks that both of you like as you will get to join him once your bundle of joy has arrived. I was starving after my labor since I couldn’t eat all day while I was laboring.
  • Blanket
  • Laptop/Tablet for Netflix

I hope my list of essentials helps get you inspired to pack your own hospital bag for your little one’s arrival.

Try not to think of it as a chore but one step closer to holding your new baby! 


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