Here Is What I have Planned for 2020…

We are about a month into 2020, how are you doing so far? Are you staying committed to all of the promises you made to yourself?

Let me guess, you one of those people that feel a new year brings a new “you”? Like maybe this year you will stick to your diet or budget or actually be productive in life for once?

Yeah me too. But this year my goals look different. They are not around achieving material things, productivity or even appearance.

Yes, I still have those goals in mind like saving my money, incorporating some exercise into my life & eating more veggies. However, I want to focus on more personal goals than that for the start of this new decade.

On New Year’s Eve my husband and I were looking for a phrase for this upcoming year. One of my Christmas presents from him was this super cute letter board. So of course we were going to put something on it for the new year!

We scrolled through Pinterest for about 20 minutes in search of the perfect phrase. We saw a lot of inspiring and motivational quotes like:

“Repeat after me….”That was my last year of tolerating less than what I deserve.”


My goal in 2020 is to be filthy rich. Rich in adventure. Rich in health. Rich in laughter. Rich in family. & Rich in love.


Before you begin 2020; Re-Charge you passion. Re-Align your vision. Re-Connect with your purpose.

But there was one that caught my eye instantly:

Love Yourself A Little More In 2020

That’s it. If I leave 2020 with learning to love myself a little more, it has been a great year.

I always wrote down these ambitious personal goals but never got too far.

And I think that is because before you can accomplish big things for YOU, you must love yourself first. You must learn to prioritize and set boundaries for yourself. All of which I am very new to doing.

It is my hope that in 2020 I can become more authentically me and truly love that person, imperfections and all.

So how am I going to learn to love myself more you ask?

  • Setting boundaries for myself & in my relationships.
  • Stop comparing myself to others.
  • Accept love and help from others.
  • Slow down and enjoy where I am right now
  • Rewire my internal dialogue through positive affirmations of self love.
  • Schedule “me time” and indulge in my own interests.
  • Continue therapy for my anxiety & personal development.

I hope to continue to work on all these areas a little bit at a time, making small adjustments in my life.

I would love to know what your goals are for this year and how you are keeping yourself accountable!

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