Guide To Ditching Mom Excuses

Do you ever start a new project or routine with full speed ahead, only to have life stop you right in your tracks?

Well, it seems to happen every time I try to make a life change for the better. Like seriously I never can follow through with anything I want to change in my life.

Most the time I get bored with the idea and convince myself that it wasn’t for me and decide to try something new.

That is what happened with this blog. I started gaining momentum and felt that I had such a good start to launching this blog for more Mama’s to find.

And then it happened. I finally became pregnant! (We were trying for a few months.) And sick. And exhausted. And I literally had zero motivation to move from my couch.

Seriously, ask my husband, if I sat down at night, most likely I was passing out.

So I did what most people would do and gave myself the excuse of it not being the right time for this project for me. I was too busy and tired. And what does someone expect of a pregnant mom of a busy two-year-old? Everyone knows that there is no time left over to do something for yourself.

I kept telling myself I will work on it later. But it didn’t feel right this time to forget about this project. I literally thought about it every day and how I just wanted to be able to accomplish finishing something in my life. Heck at least just getting it out there to more people.

I have this longing feeling like I am meant to express all of these crazy thoughts, ideas, and emotions in my head in hopes to help encourage and motivate other women to be their best version of themselves.

Especially during the trying times of motherhood.

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So here I am 18 weeks pregnant, deciding to show up. Putting the work in. No more excuses that I don’t have time because I am a working mom that is pregnant.

No more wasting away my days letting my dream getting farther and farther away because I don’t have the motivation I hoped for.

No longer waiting for the day when I wake up early and don’t feel tired because I honestly don’t see that day coming in the next decade! And I am not willing to sleep on my dream for that long.

I know this is something many people struggle with, especially mothers.

Many women give themselves excuses for not making the changes in their lives that their hearts are longing for and I am one of them.


Maybe for some of you, it is losing weight, eating healthy, or even giving yourself more “me” time. Others it is can be getting in control of your home and ridding yourself of all the junk around. Even creating a better marriage with your spouse.

I hear it all the time when talking to other women. They feel paralyzed in their life and truly believe that the only thing that can be accomplished is working and raising their children. On the good days. maybe they will have some time for self-care. They don’t feel that their lives can be changed right now and they are literally stuck in the same routine just getting by resenting that they are stuck in a rut.

Now I believe that raising your children is one of the most important things you do in your life.

However, I believe taking care of yourself physically and emotionally is the most important thing you do every day.

What I mean by that is creating a life that serves you and makes your heart and mind happy and healthy is crucial to your overall well being. Because you cannot be the best mom if you are not the best version of you.

Do not rob yourself of the time to take care of your dreams and goals just because you are in a busy season of life right now.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, all seasons of life are busy and messy and completely unpredictable.

We just need to learn how to endure and continue moving forward. Even if it is the smallest strides.

So let’s make a promise to ourselves to pick one goal or one dream that has been on your mind and go for it. Just start today doing something  TODAY that moves you in the right direction. You are worth it girl!


Here are some tips for you to start to tackle your goals today :

  • Write down your goals EVERYDAY

    • Be as detailed as possible on what you are hoping to achieve. Reminding yourself daily will help you stay on track.
  • Wake up before the kids

    • If you are not doing this now, you need to start asap girl! What’s that, you want to lose weight? Do a 30-minute workout video first thing in the morning and you are already headed in the right direction.
    • This is a goal of mine that I work hard at every day, I am naturally not a morning person, and this pregnancy makes sleeping through the night impossible. If I wake one time during the week and get stuff done it is a huge accomplishment for me right now. Be easy on yourself and start small.
  • Start saying no to less important commitments

    • Pretty sure I have said this before, but I know there are some commitments that you can start to turn down to free up your time to more meaningful activities.
    • Sometimes we get stuck in our routine that we forget to evaluate if our commitments are still serving us like they once did.
    • If they are not, do not feel guilty about moving on, that is how we grow and transform through life.
  • Ask for help with the kids

    • I struggle with this one because I want to be like superwoman and handle it all: the kids, clean house, self-care, and becoming more than just a mom. But the real reality is that I cannot do all of these things and do them at my best potential.
    • Let go of your ego and ASK. Your mind and body will thank you later for relieving some of those duties. And so will your husband and kids because I am pretty confident you will come back feeling refreshed and energized to spend time with them.
  • Find an accountability partner

    • Sometimes we need a little help from the outside world to get our butt in gear. We are less likely to let someone else down than ourselves.
    • Make a promise to a friend or relative that relates to accomplishing your goal and make sure they keep you accountable. Having someone to keep you focused and on track is a huge help in making sure you continue to make progress towards your goal
    • Every night that I passed out, my husband would remind me that I should be working on the blog or he would offer times to take our daughter to make sure I had some time to myself. He knew I needed a little nudge to keep going during this time.

    • Maybe you will fall short of making these changes to move towards your goals, that is okay Mama, try again tomorrow.
    • Can I be honest with you? It took me over a week to finish this blog post. A stinking week!! That is crazy, especially when I had two-thirds of it done the first day I started it. But I kept making excuses and pushed it off until I refocused and decided to show up again.

So after reading this, get out a piece a paper and write down what you want to accomplish.

List everything out, then circle the one goal that you want to accomplish first.

Make a realistic plan on how you are going to work every day towards accomplishing that goal.

Next, you need to decide to show up and get work done!

I believe in you girl!

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