Get Your Child To Love Reading With Usborne Books

Okay so I am just kind of obsessed with children’s books! I am always on the lookout for new books that my children will love!

I like to make sure they are interactive, educational, instilling good morals, and of course some sillieness too for fun!

About six months ago, I came across Usborne Books from Rose on Instagram sharing why she loved these books for her children. (RoseUncharted) She is a Mama passionate about raising Godly children, living a low toxic life, and a truth seeker. Check her out!!

As soon as I saw her read through a few of the books, I was hooked!

I could tell how detail orientated, visually beautiful, and educational these books were. I have never seen books like that in any store or library.

I immediately placed and order and waited impatiently for them to come to us. When they arrived let me tell you I was not dissapointed.

We ordered:

Let’s Take A Look Inside Our Books!

My daughter, Melina is 3.5 years old and has been learning about how our bodies process food, what are vitamins and why they are useful for the body. She is learning how important bees are to our food chain. The different types of bees and how they make honey. How weather is created, the different types of clouds, and what precipitation is!

She is learning all of these amazing things by having fun discovering these books! Interactive books are her favorite which is what I love most about this company. They involve the children in the learning process, and best of all they make it fun and exciting for them!

Our learning at home is child led, more of a Montessori approach. I believe young children learn best by playing and self exploration based on their interests.

Learn more about how we are doing a play-based preschool at home this year here!!

Usborne books have been perfect for our learning journey at home. I will be making our Preschool Curriculum must have list very soon!! Stay tuned.

If you would like a more detailed look inside these books, head over to my Instagram account! I have a highlight just for these books where I browse through a few of them so you can see how amazing they are for yourself!

Click here for my Instagram!

If you have children of any age or know people who do, check out these books for them!! I promise you there is something for everyone at Usborne.

Here are some of the interactive books they offer:

  • Lift The Flaps
  • Shine A Light (You use a flashlight to find objects on the page…perfect for bedtime!)
  • Peek Insides (chunkier flaps for younger children)
  • Turn & Learns

If your child is not a fan of reading, I highly suggest you give these books a try. Some children need to be involved in the reading process in order for it to hold their attention.

These books make reading so much fun for the entire family!

Leave a comment letting me know your favorite book from Usborne!!

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