Preparing for my postpartum journey has looked a little different this pregnancy. This time around we have decided to do a home birth so that means a little more preparing on my end! I do not get the perks of the hospital handing out the immediate postpartum care packages that I am used to with my previous pregnancies. One thing that I wanted to make sure to have on hand after delivery was padisicles!

For my first delivery, I ended up tearing in two places and had a lot of swelling, like A LOT!! The frozen padisicles that the hospital handed out were amazing at soothing that area and providing some relief the first few days recovering.

I decided to look up how to make these padisicles at home and stock that freezer up! It is very easy to do and takes maybe a half hour!

Here is what you will need to make your own DIY Padisicles at home:

Maxi Pads

Alcohol Free Witch Hazel


  • Relieves Inflammation
  • Fights off Infections
  • Helps Treat Hemorrhoids

Aloe Vera


  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Promotes Healing
  • Gives Skin a Protective Layer

Jojoba Oil


  • Antibacterial Properties
  • Promotes Healing

Lavender Oil – If you would like to purchase some oils & start your journey to healthier living today, use my member #24600400.


  • Calms Swelling
  • Promotes Healing

If you prefer a video tutorial, watch below!


  1. Open Pad & Remove Paper (Hang on to paper to replace at the end)
  2. Spread 1Tbs Aloe Vera
  3. 2 Tbs Witch Hazel
  4. 1 Tsp Jojoba Oil
  5. 2-3 Drops of Lavender Oil
  6. . Spread solution on pad with a spoon
  7. Put the paper back on
  8. Fold pad up and place in freezer bag

These DIY Padisicles are super easy to prepare and help your postpartum period. I prepped about 20 of them to have on hand for the first few days of recovering.

If you know an expecting friend, these would be a great thing to whip up really quick and gift!

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