Why Decluttering Is Essential For Your Family

Why Decluttering Is Essential for Your Family

Do you ever feel like you just cleaned the ENTIRE house to find it destroyed an hour later?

Yup, I know that feeling. Especially with having little ones around that does not fully understand the concept of “clean up” it can become extremely frustrating. Not only do we have a toddler, but we also have a 3-year-old Wheaton Terrier that loves all her toys around the house! Seriously, when you go to put the toys in her bucket, she will decide she wants them ALL out now!

So what is the trick to keeping a tidy home?


Easy answer: Hire a cleaning service!

Realistic answer: GET RID OF SOME STUFF

I am willing to bet that you probably have more STUFF than you actually NEED.

In fact, I KNOW that you do! Because as I am writing this I am thinking, you know so do we! Unless you have simplified your stuff to only the ESSENTIALS we all have stuff that can be eliminated.

Essentials are the objects that we absolutely cannot live without. Bed, toiletries, food, some kitchen appliances, some clothes etc. Now before you start getting all anxious that I am saying to get rid of all of your stuff let’s just think about it.

The more stuff that fills your home, the more you have to take care of. You are responsible for organizing, maintaining it, and paying for the space that the object takes up in your home.

Don’t you have enough responsibilities as it is? Why add more to your workload Mama?

How many objects do you have lying around somewhere just because you haven’t gotten to them? Not sure where to put them? Not sure why you bought them in the first place? Maybe an impulse buy? Maybe you received it as a gift and feel guilty getting rid of it?

You hate to throw it away because that is money you wasted. But you are wasting space, energy, and peace of mind by allowing your life to be controlled by STUFF!

Let me tell you a quick story…

My husband and I have moved every single year for the past 4 years. I know it sounds crazy, and looking back at it, I can’t believe we moved that much. As you can tell our lives were pretty hectic and we didn’t really have a solid plan.

During that time, we had our daughter and accumulated a lot of stuff. Like a lot. When we did our last move it took a 17′ U-haul truck on top of several carloads and we still had crap in our storage unit. That is insane! Two 24-year-olds and an 18-month-old had that much stuff!

Thankfully, around this time I had found The Minimalists podcast and was introduced to the buzzword Minimalism. It opened my eyes to the fact that all of the stuff that I was going into debt to buy could be doing more harm than I ever thought about.

Number One Trick To A Tidy Home

I was intrigued by the idea that eliminating the excess stuff could potentially allow for a much freer life.

So, as we unpacked our belongings I asked myself if I found value and joy in each item. At times, it was difficult for me to be honest with myself and I established a pile of “not ready to part with items”. We ended up donating about half of our belongings.

And it felt amazing! It almost became addicting where I didn’t want to stop getting rid of stuff.

Now to me, minimalism means decluttering down to only what truly matters. Because in order to not find yourself swamped with stuff 2 months later, you have to make a drastic change and eliminate the excess.

I continue to walk around the house questioning everything we own to see what I can part with. Because it is a process that is never done. We are continually adding new things into our home whether it is by our choice or family and friends. About every month we make a trip to the Salvation Army to donate what no longer serves us.

I will not say that we are strict minimalists because that would be a lie. I still go to target and have impulse buys once in a while. However, it may be an item here or there, not ten in one shopping trip.

Minimalism has opened my eyes to what my true values are in life. God, family, and the freedom of my time. It has taught me that being intentional is so rare nowadays but it is crucial to living a meaningful life.

I do not believe that living a decluttered life means that you deprive yourself of stuff. It means that you only allow room in your life for all of your favorites. Instead of having a closet full of clothes that don’t really fit you that well but they were on sale so you bought them, you have a closet full of all the clothes that you absolutely love and make you feel amazing!

So what happens if you decide it’s time to get rid of some stuff?

The less stuff you have to clean the more TIME you will have. Time to focus on the important things in life like playing with your children or spending quality time with your husband.

The less stuff you have the more SPACE you will have. Space to find the peace and calm that is in your home.

The less stuff you buy the more MONEY you will have. Save that money for a vacation that you and your family deserve! Or retirement, that so many of us forget to prepare for.


Your Challenge 

I challenge you to pick a room and let go of some stuff. Make a pile to donate, to sell, and to throw away. Even if you only get a bag for each category, that is three bags of stuff you are letting go of now.

Lightening your load of responsibilities will allow for the important moments to shine through and everyday tasks will be more enjoyable.

Remember, a happier mama can change the tone of the entire family!

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3 thoughts on “Why Decluttering Is Essential for Your Family

  1. Amy @ More Time Than Money says:

    I so agree with you, less stuff = more time. I’ve decluttered a lot and it took a lot of time. But it was so worth investing that time, as I get a payback everyday in less picking up stuff, less search through stuff looking for stuff, less time trying to put things away in overstuffed cupboards.

    • raisingyoumaintainingme says:

      That is great that you took the time to do what most people won’t do! Having our belongings under control really does make our lives much simpler and less stressful. It is awful when you open a cupboard and have items overflowing out!! I hope you continue on your journey of decluttering! I know mine is never ending.

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