Baby Milestones: Delilah’s 6 Month Update

Believe it when random strangers tell you not to blink with your little one…the time goes by so fast! I cannot believe Delilah just turned 7 months!

In case you are new here, I am Chelsea and I have two daughters, Melina (3 years old) and Delilah (7 months old). I blog about motherhood, mental health, and everything to do with becoming the best version of yourself.

Delilah’s milestone update is going to consist of :

  • Mama girl antics
  • Preferred positions
  • Favorite toys
  • Tummy time truths
  • First Words!!!
  • Sleeping Situation
  • First Foods

The six-month milestone is an exciting time for parents and babies! They are learning and discovering so much around them! It seems to me that after this point the fun really begins of discovering your little ones unique personality.

Let me tell you about Delilah! She is the sweetest little girl with the cutest giggles! All she wants is cuddles! She definitely is a Mama’s girl right now and I am completely okay with it.

Maybe I have spoiled her because I have felt guilty of how much attention I have to show her sister. A lot of the time I just carry Delilah around with us or she is always in my lap while we are engaging in Melina’s activities. Not sure if this is a second child thing or what?!

At the sixth-month check-up Delilah weighed in at 17.4 lbs and 2 ft 3.5 inches tall. That makes her in the 64th percentile for weight and 92nd percentile for her height. She is tall and slender, but those cheeks say otherwise!

We are currently fitting snug in 9 month clothing which has been a surprise. When I was planning I thought she would be in that size around March/April but that is what happens when you plan ahead for baby clothes. You just never know how fast they will grow!

Just recently she has been able to sit on her own without support which has given her some independence and mama some freedom! We spend a lot of time down on the floor exploring her toys and introducing new textures and objects.

Her favorite toys are these stacking cups that her nephew picked out for Christmas. We bring these everywhere with us! And the older kids love it too!

We are still incorporating tummy time but honestly probably not as much as we should. Some days she will be okay with it for 10-15 minutes and others she’s done in five. I don’t stress about it as I see she is becoming stronger and supporting herself just fine.

If you are a new mom reading this to see if your baby is around the same development stages as her at six months, please remember all children are different. There are some things that happen sooner for some children than others and sometimes never at all.

For example, rolling. I know Delilah can roll from front to back and back to front. But she does not do it often. Probably because she prefers to be sitting or standing majority of the time. And that is okay!

Don’t get lost in that comparison trap! It is dangerous.

Delilah’s First Words…

At 6 months, we heard Delilah say her first word!! Can you guess what it was?!?


I told you she was a Mama’s girl!! (I am thinking nursing her has helped my case a bit) And hearing Melina say Mama a million times a day, ha!

My husband has been trying to pry DADA into her brain since she has been in my belly. Melina’s first word around this time was MAMA too so he was determined to have one of them say DADA first.

Maybe the next one…?!

Delilah has most definitely discovered her voice and how to use it. Exploring what happens when she cries and expresses other noises with our reaction.

No surprise there since Melina is extremely vocal herself. And I guess you could say we are a pretty social family. What can I say, a house full of girls, we like to chit chat.

Soon as Delilah see’s Melina her face lights up and instantly starts smiling. I can see their sisterly bond growing by the day and it is adorable!! Sometimes Melina will be doing something silly and out of nowhere Delilah just starts giggling at her.

Gosh, I wish I could bottle up those sweet silly moments.

Delilah especially likes talking to our cat, Lola. I think it is safe to say that kitties are her favorite animal right now. She literally searches the room for Lola and once she has locked her eyes on her, she will continue to follow her until she is out of sight.

Not to mention making excited noises while having very happy feet! Boy do those feet start moving when Lola or food comes around!

Pretty cute to see, although I am not so sure Lola is going to like this as Delilah becomes mobile. Lola will be some good motivation for Delilah learning how to crawl around.

I’m sure the big question most of you want to know is how is she sleeping right?!

Every parent wants to compare how their child sleeps with others and to find hope that more sleep is coming their way.

Well, right around 6 months we decided to start transitioning her to sleeping in her own crib for both naps and overnight. Previously we were napping her in there but not overnight.

I feel much more comfortable having my babies in the room with me when they are young infants. And to be honest, it is much easier for me to grab her in the middle of the night, feed her, and go back to sleep. Rather than walking all the way to her room to do it.

We were reaching the point where she was becoming too big for the bedside bassinet and needed to be in the crib. The first few nights were pretty awful with several wake-ups. Finally, we found a routine that works and now she is only waking up once or twice most nights.

For being a second child, Delilah is a very delicate sleeper which has been frustrating with how loud Melina is all the time. Sometimes on purpose and others not.

I know, I know typical toddler behavior, but still frustrating! Therefore, they are on the same sleep schedule for the most part.

Here is what our typical sleep schedule is when we are home all day:

Wake up: 7:30-7:45 am

Delilah’s Morning nap time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Afternoon nap for both girls: 2 pm

Bedtime Routine starts: 8 pm

Just recently, we have noticed her bottom tooth starting to pop out of her gums. This has thrown some curveballs in our sleep as some nights she is needing to be soothed more often. I am assuming this is from her little teeth coming through. First wake up is usually around 11 pm & 3 am then 6 am on the rougher nights.

My favorite time…First Foods!

Around 4 months we started her on the basic purees: sweet potato, carrots, peas, pears, apples, and bananas. Now that she is a bit older and accustomed to eating we have started to combine flavors.

She has also been snacking on some of the dissolving puffs and teething crackers. Introducing solids has been a huge help when needing to leave her with family members while I have appointments or my husband and I enjoy a date night.

It is much easier to get that around and not worry if there will be enough milk for her. Plus I am over pumping and trying to do it the least amount possible.

We have had to have some discussions with Melina regarding what is safe for Delilah to be eating right now. She is very eager to help feed Delilah!

I currently make most of her baby food and buy some occasionally for when we are out. I find we save a lot of money making it at home, and I like to know that there are no additives. I love watching babies explore the world of foods, learning what they like and what they don’t.

I am hoping to have a post soon with our baby food recipes!

I haven’t done a post like this before, but I really want to get better at documenting the little details of my girls childhood.

Have you heard of TinyBeans?!

TinyBeans is an app and website where you can upload your daily photos of your children. I do it on my phone since that is where all my pictures are an d upload them to the correct day. It is like a photo journal.

What is nice is that you can create a contact list of family and friends that will receive those pictures the next day after you upload them to the app.

Its awesome for long distant family members to still watch your children grow and develop. Check more about the app here.

We have been so blessed with healthy and happy babies. These past 6 months have flown by for me and have been quite an adventure. Being a mom of two is no joke.

If you have a little, soak up the little ordinary moments and try to make more of them.

These moments are fleeting!

I am curious to know what your favorite stage of the first year is, let me know in the comments below!

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