Baby #3 Gender Reveal: Is It A Boy Or Girl?!

Finding out the gender of the baby when you are expecting, is one of the best parts! I have been dying to know if baby #3 is a boy or girl!!

Pregnancy always seems so surreal until I can feel those big kicks in my belly and I know if it is a little girl or little boy in there. Read more about how my first trimester was here!

I have debated every pregnancy to pay for the blood test so that we can find out the gender sooner, but always ended up impatiently waiting for the anatomy scan. This time around, with everything in the medical field backed up, we waited until 22 weeks to find out the gender!! It was killing me!

Since we are doing a home birth this time around (more to come on that) my midwife had an imagining company that she is familiar within the Metro Detroit area known as Baby Envision! They do 3D/4D imaging as well as regular pregnancy ultrasounds.

I was so thankful that my husband was able to be present and share those special moments seeing our little love on the screen! Our little babe is quite the mover in there already! We witnessed the baby have the hiccups and even do a complete somersault in my tummy during the scan.

Every time I get an ultrasound I am still amazed at every little detail that can be detected by it. It is truly an amazing piece of technology.

So while the tech did our scan we made sure to let her know that we did not want to know the gender & if she could put it in an envelope for us.

After our scan, we took our envelope to Party City and asked the staff if they could open the envelope and fill the correct balloon with coordinating confetti without us being there and seeing. It was no problem, other than the balloons we brought popped on them but luckily they had some of their own in stock.

Now for the fun part!

We headed back to my in-laws where our daughters were to find out the big news with our family. As a girl mom I was really rooting for a little boy so my husband had someone on his team!


We are over the moon that we are going to be welcoming a baby boy June 2021!

Melina was sure it was going to be pink in that balloon and she kept asking to do it again to see if the color would change. I cannot wait to show her the video years from now. Check out my instagram to see the video!

It is about time my husband has a partner in crime in our home (our house currently is all females besides him…even our pets!).

I am so excited to become a boy mom and watch Tom bond with his son. I have always wanted children of both genders to experience the uniqueness of each bond. Grateful that the time has finally arrived!

If you are a mother of both boys and girls, what do you notice about your relationship with each? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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