30 Affirmations Every Child Needs to Hear

The Power of Affirmations for Children

Have you been parenting using positive or negative enforcement?

Both techniques main objective is to curve the child’s actions.

Parenting using positive reinforcement focuses on what the child is doing right rather than pointing out what is wrong. 

This technique encourages your child’s positive actions and qualities through verbal enthusiasm, descriptive encouragement, and simple rewards. 

Over time your child will start to realize the value of their positive qualities and actions and associate that with who they are as a person.


Building Your Child’s Identity

As a child transitions throughout different stages in life, they will have to overcome challenges. Whether it be some other child bullying them or a situation where they are just uncomfortable in. Some bigger then others, but those challenges will still make a mark in their hearts.

In order to successfully overcome those challenges emotionally, they need to have a healthy emotional mindset. Including how they value themselves, how they see their self-image, and their basic belief structure.

It is our job as parents to do the best we can to build up a positive belief system in our child’s mind.

There will come a point where that belief system is going to get challenged.

We live in a world that is constantly telling us we are not good enough. But we do not have to let our children believe that.

We can start teaching them at a young age that they are in fact good enough, if not BETTER then what they are supposed to be.

Incorporate Positive Identities Throughout The Family

First thing, we need to believe that WE ARE ENOUGH. We need to incorporate positive self-love and worth in how we talk about ourselves and our family. Build up your family with positive words allowing your child to see it in action. This will encourage positively to come naturally to their minds.childsreflection-min[1]

We are the biggest role models our children have. Our actions and words really do make the difference. It is honestly amazing how much impact our love and kind words have on those tiny hearts. Use that love and create a child that believes they are enough just the way they are.

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Encouragement Is The Best Way To Shape Character

Encourage them to notice the little details even if that means they ask a million questions. They are curious.

Encourage them to be kind, even if that means stopping and picking flowers every hundred feet on your walk. They are a giver.

Encourage them to express themselves freely, even if that means that other parents think your child is wild. They are a free spirit. 

In order for these affirmations to have an impact on your child, they MUST be sincere. If your child does not feel you are being genuine when you are saying these affirmations, they are not going to believe you. Possibly damaging the trust your child has with you.

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“The way positive reinforcement is carried out is more important than the amount.”

– B.F. Skinner

Only incorporate affirmations in meaningful moments. It will have much more influence rather than attempting to say multiple affirmations daily just out of habit.

The following affirmations are as if you are speaking to your child. As your child gets older you can have them practice saying these affirmations to themselves interchanging “you” with “I”.

30 affirmations

30 Powerful Affirmations to Say to Your Children

  1. You are worthy of all the good things in life.
  2. You are a wonderful listener.
  3. You have kindness in your heart.
  4. You are the light of my life.
  5. You encourage me to keep learning new things along with you.
  6. You have no limits on what you can accomplish.
  7. You are truly amazing.
  8. You have a unique imagination that allows you to see things others cannot.
  9. You care for others deeply.
  10. You make my heart so happy when you…(fill in action)
  11. You handled that situation very bravely.
  12. You solve problems creatively.
  13. You are and always will be beautiful/handsome. 
  14. You are a fast learner at…(fill in task)
  15. I love how generous you are to others, even when it is difficult.
  16. I love hearing your voice.
  17. I will always believe in you.
  18. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  19. I enjoy hearing your thoughts.
  20. You make others smile.
  21. I will always be there for you.
  22. You are born to do great things.
  23. No one controls who you are but you.
  24. Always do what is right, no matter the consequences.
  25. Your hugs make my heart happy.
  26. I love you to the moon and back.
  27. We are thankful God gave us you. 
  28. Happiness is a choice and you choose it every day.
  29. I am proud of who you are.
  30. I am proud to call you my child. 

A cute idea I thought of was to use a letter board and leave them a positive little note about them. It could be an affirmation or simply something you find special about them. This sweet little gesture will make them feel very special. 

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Do you have some of your own affirmations that you tell your children? I would love to hear them!

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