15 Affirmations For Moms

Affirmations are such a powerful tool to transform our mindset. It is a tool that I wish I implemented more into my own life because I believe in the potential power they have.

The words we speak and the thoughts we think are crucial for the type of life we are going to live.

It is so easy to get stuck in that negativity trap. One thing goes wrong and the next thing you know, you are just having a bad day with everything else going wrong.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

You can stop the negativity cycle.

You have the power to transform your day and energy.

Focus on the thoughts that are going on inside your head and the words coming out of your mouth.

Are they helping you create the life you want or are you just complaining?

I know I get stuck in this negative mindset sometimes.

I was scrolling on Instagram the other day. Frustrated and overwhelmed with the lack of control I felt over my time because of how my demanding my toddler and newborn were being that day.

I know sounds silly right, of course they are demanding! It is the phase of life they are in. But this particular day I was having a hard time keeping up. And I was getting frustrated with myself.

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Anyway, I read a post about another mom complaining of all her to-dos and responsibilities that she too had for her family. She was saying how she was complaining to her husband about it all. His response to her is what got my attention.

She wrote that his response was to stop thinking that you HAVE to do anything. Start thinking that you GET to do all of those activities that you are complaining about.

I let that sink in for a few moments.


Instead of: I have to entertain my toddler all day.

I transformed that thought into I get to be with my child all day. 

Instead of: I have to clean the house again.

I transformed that thought into I get to create a warm loving home for my family.

Instead of: I have to cook dinner tonight.

I transformed that thought into I get to prepare nutritious food to fuel our bodies. 

See how powerful words can be? They make a difference.

The key to affirmations is to use them often, daily preferably. You are working on retraining your brain to think the way you want it too.

In the past, I have even written down my affirmations and posted them around my house. Sometimes this is easier than reciting them.

Or I make pretty wallpapers for my phone so I see it every time I use my phone. Use the graphic I made below and save it to your photos!

Here are my current 15 affirmations that I use to transform my thoughts about my motherhood.

  1. I am an amazing mom, even as I work hard to become a better one.
  2. I am capable of amazing things.
  3. My dreams and desires matter too.
  4. Motherhood has revealed my strengths.
  5. To my children, I am the perfect mom.
  6. Taking care of myself is not selfish, it is necessary for me to be a great mom.
  7. I am leaving a legacy of love.
  8. I find joy in the everyday moments of my life.
  9. I will let go of how I think today is supposed to go and accept how it imperfectly happens.
  10. It is okay to ask for help.
  11. My home is a safe place.
  12. I will laugh with my children today.
  13. I am grateful for the time I get to spend with my children.
  14. I will be present and in the moment when talking to my children.
  15. I am more than just a mom.

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If you feel like you need a change of mindset, give affirmations a try. Find a routine that works for your lifestyle and let the repetition do the magic.

A few months from starting, you will have more positivity and confidence within yourself.

15 Affirmations for Moms

Comment below with your favorite affirmations! I am always looking for new ones!

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