10 Life Changing Habits For Happy Moms

If you find yourself having difficulties with being happy lately, it is time to make some changes in your life!

These past few months have been hard on moms. Mentally, physically, emotionally & even spiritually HARD!

There is so much happening in this crazy world it is hard to keep a float these days.

Making mental health a priority has been crucial for me lately. It has been so easy to become overwhelmed in negativity, stress, and downright fear of everything that is going on right now.

But staying in those feelings does no one service and it is a reminder that I need to protect and nourish my mental health.

As a mom of two little ones it can be easy to forget about my needs and continue pretending everything is fine until I hit a boiling point. (We all know how this goes.)

I want to be able to show up in my motherhood in a happy and uplifting mood and truly enjoy the time I spend with my children, instead of counting down until bedtime.

Lately, I have been extra intentional on prioritizing my mental health and practicing a positive mindset.

I know that if I don’t my anxiety will be sure to remind me.

Read more about my journey with anxiety here.

Habits to be a happier mom:


I am going to admit, I am not that great with establishing boundaries. It is something that I am putting work into and have realized that I need to set them with my husband and children.

If there are certain things that you want done or not done, express that and set a limit. If you don’t express that limit, you will have resentment when those limits are pushed.

This goes hand in hand with communication because you need to be able to express your boundary and enforce it.

Some boundaries that have been set in our family:

  • Everyone sits down at the kitchen table to eat – breakfast, lunch, & dinner.
  • Family clean up time before sleep
  • Daily naptime/quite time
  • Bedtime Routine starting around 8
  • Tom and I take turns for Delilah nights to ensure a good night’s rest


These past four months have been filled with an abundance of family time which I am so grateful for, but I also realized how much I need to prioritize some alone time.

Away from everyone…hubby, kids, & my dog!

I am sure you can relate to that too! It is crucial for Mama’s to set time aside for ourselves.

Whether that is to relax or enjoy doing a hobby, it is up to you!

We must nourish our sense of self by staying true to our interests and likes during motherhood.

Aim to set aside some time everyday just for you!


The sunshine and fresh air does wonders for your soul! We try to make sure to spend at least 2 hours a day outside most days. Usually it is in the early afternoon right before the strong sun.

From the Vitamin D from the sun. the fresh air and the benefits of just touching the ground & connecting with the earth, you will see a transformation of how you feel on the days you go outside.

Mom tip: If kids are going crazy inside…it is time to head outside where they can be loud, wild, and free!


There are too many days that I simply just throw on a tshirt and some leggings and call it a day. Using dry shampoo or just throwing it in a pony.

But I have noticed that on the days where I take the extra time to get myself around I feel so refreshed and energized!

Most of the day I am moving from one need from my children to the next, completing forgetting about myself. Spending those few minutes prioritizing ME fills my tank.

Simply putting on some makeup for the day can most definitely make a difference.

It is a real game changer in my attitude, motivation, and outlook on the day.

You know what they say… ” When you feel good, you do good!”


Even though you are with your children 24/7, motherhood can be extremely isolating for some. As a younger mom, it has been so challenging for me to find mom friends.

I do have a few that I make an effort to see often and I really value that time together. Every mom needs a girlfriend to go vent to when her kids and husband are driving her crazy!!

I also build a lot of great connections through social media and this blog!

If you are mom who is looking for a friend, connect with me on here or on Instagram.

I would love to get to know you!


Essential oils are one of my favorite ways to help maintain my emotional balance. I use our oils for everyone and everything in our home!

Ever since struggling with anxiety, I have been on the hunt for natural remedies and oils have been such a great aid in relieving my anxiety.

I use oils to calm my nerves, enhance sleep, improve mood, become centered and strengthen my focus.

My favorite oils right now are Lavender, Stress Away, Lemon, Orange, Frankincense, and Valor!

If you are interested in starting your journey with essential oils I would love to help get started!

Head over to Instagram and message me there!


I will be the first to say I hate the idea of a “routine” it sounds so limiting and controlling. But that is because for some reason in my head I automatically think of a strict routine with no wiggle room.

You guys a routine does not mean you cannot be flexible!! I have recently learned how important a routine is, especially for mothers.

Routines are great for productivity, setting expectations, and a sense of control in the day.

If you are feeling like you do not have any time for yourself, create a new routine that schedules yourself some time for you!

Children thrive off having daily routines because they establish expectations and can be more independent, leading to higher confidence.

Our daily routines are always changing gradually. As my girls grow and experience different stages, so do our routines.

The key is to always have a base routine that is flexible enough for small changes.


For a few years now we have started to watch less and less TV in our home. My husband and I will occasionally have a TV show that we are interested in but for the most part we watch it just for my daughters shows.

And even she gets about an hour a day, if that. More days than not, we do not watch anything! Instead we will play our Spotify and enjoy some music while we go about our day.

I know it sounds weird but we don’t even think about it that much anymore.

Turning off the TV has meant limiting negative news, more intentional content coming through our home, and most importantly less distractions, from building relationships with family members.

You know what happens when you turn off the TV? Communication between family members!

The TV acts like a pacifier and just soothes us in difficult times or when we are bored. When you turn it off and rely on each other, that is when strong relationships are built.

If you are a daily news watcher I encourage you to take a little break! You do not realize how much anxiety can be caused just by turning on the TV to check the weather.

I have also noticed how much my daughters mood changes when we have the TV on. She is less likely to engage in her toys, conversation, and just wants to be left alone.

Removing the TV motivates her to learn how to navigate her boredom with her imagination and be engaged with the family.


Our days as mothers are a lot like a roller coaster. There are a lot of up moments and then a lot of down moments. I have found it is so important to continue riding that roller coaster and not allowing myself to get stuck in a down moment.

Reminding myself often how of everything I am grateful for helps put life into perpestive. More days than not my gratitude list is a lot longer than my complaints and shows me how blessed I am in this life.

Creating a gratitude journal trains the mind to focus on the positives.

Try writing out 10 things you are grateful for each day for a week and see how your perspective changes!

A positive mindset is so powerful!


Coffee and chocolate chip cookies are my sweet spot!

As a mom running on a half tank of sleep most days, I am always looking for a little caffeine pick me up. But if I have too much of either of those things I become irritable, anxious, and just yucky feeling.

Replace your unhealthy cravings with nutritious, balanced foods to help your blood sugar stay balanced throughout the day.

I have noticed when I am eating healthy, limiting processed sugars and caffeine my sleep quality improves. I feel energized throughout the whole day and do not require that afternoon pick me up.

Motherhood is a time in our lives that requires so much selflessness.

However, we must make ourselves a priority too sometimes.

I hope this inspired you to make some time for yourself and remember your needs matter too!

What are some habits that you practice that you have found effective for making motherhood more enjoyable?

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